About Me
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Kiki Maples was born and raised in Adrian, MI. She is a U.S. Navy veteran whose works are predominantly in ink and painting, but dabbles in photography and sculpture as well. Maples completed an AFA at the Community College of Rhode Island in 2015, and has shown at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Flanagan Art Gallery, the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, the Attleboro Arts Museum, and has created pieces for the Roger Williams Park Zoo, MAE Organization, and CASA.

Having received her BA in Psychology, she's always been interested in the inner workings of the mind. This has trickled into her artwork, where she fluctuates wildly in creations, from the light and whimsical to the dark and disturbing. Famed psychologist Carl Jung stated that the "shadow," or the unconscious, is the unknown, dark side of our personality, and it is most destructive when habitually repressed. Creativity can spring from the constructive expression or integration of the shadow. The whimsy of her cartoons help offset the expression of her shadows, and often contain an "Easter Egg" or two (one can usually find lullaby lyrics somewhere in the animals).

​Her Great Dane, Donky, is her muse and assistant. His paws create the petals in each flower of her "Paw Print" series.

Maples currently lives in Pawtucket, RI, and works as an ACSM certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.